शब्द - संक्षेप GK Questions Set 3

शब्द - संक्षेप GK Questions Set 3

शब्द - संक्षेप GK Questions Set 3

Abbreviation [शब्द - संक्षेप] is very important topic of सामान्य हिंदी व्याकरण in the exam point of view. We are going to share the set of 20 Multiple Choice Questions in this post. Complete the all practice set of this topic that are provided by Super Pathshala. GK questions of this post "शब्द - संक्षेप GK Questions Set 3" are very helpful for various government exams e.g. UPSC, SSC, Railway, Banking, State PSC, CDS, NDA, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Patwari, Samvida, Police, MP SI, CTET, TET, Army, MAT, CLAT, NIFT, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, CET, Vyapam etc. General Knowledge or Samanya Gyan is very important section to crack any exam. In this section we are providing GK in Hindi and GK Questions in English in another section. These Online Quiz contain the previous year asked questions in various govt exams, so practice these Online GK Test in Hindi at least one set of each subject daily. Get also all other subjects GK Questions and Answers in MCQ format from Super Pathshala.

Complete Chapter wise/Topic wise Objective GK in Hindi [Topic Wise GK]

Q1. बैंकिंग लेनदेन में ECS का क्या अर्थ होता है ?
A.Excess Credit Supervisor
B.Extra Cash Status
C.Exchange Clearing Standard
D.Electronic Clearing Service
Ans: Electronic Clearing Service
Q2. IRDA का पूरा रूप क्या है ?
A.Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
B.International Reconstruction and Development Association
C.Indian Road Development Agency
D.International Refinance and Development Association
Ans: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
Q3. S.T.P.P. का पूरा रूप क्या है ?
A.Special Thermal Power Project
B.Semi Thermal Power Plant
C.Super Thermal Power Plant
D.Super Thermal Power Production
Ans: Super Thermal Power Production
Q4. TRAI का पूरा रूप क्या है?
A.Trans Roadway Authority of India
B.Telephone Regulatory Authority of India
C.Transport and Roads Authority of India
D.Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
Ans: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
Q5. IST का पूरा नाम क्या है ?
A.Islamic Students Insitution
B.Inter Services Intelligence
C.International Sociology Institute
D.None of these
Ans: Inter Services Intelligence

Q6. ASEAN इसके लिए है
A.Academy of South East Asian Nations
B.Association of South East African Nations
C.Association of South East Asian Nations
D.उपरोक्त में से कोई नहीं
Ans: Association of South East Asian Nations
Q7. HUDCO का अर्थ है ?
A.Housing and Urban Development Corporation
B.Himachal united Development Company
C.Human Urban Distribution Company
D.Hissar Urban Distribution Community
Ans: Housing and Urban Development Corporation
Q8. APEC का पूर्ण रूप क्या है ?
A.Asia For Peace and Economic Cooperation
B.Asia Pact For Environment Control
C.Asia Pacific Economic Control
D.Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
Ans: Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
Q9. OMR का पूर्ण रूप क्या है?
A.Optical Mark Reader
B.On Mark Reader
C.On Money Reader
D.उपर्युक्त सभी
Ans: Optical Mark Reader
Q10. SEZ का पूर्ण रूप है
A.Small Economic Zone
B.Social Economic Zone
C.Special Economic Zone
D.Service & Economic Zone
Ans: Special Economic Zone

Q11. बैंकिंग शब्दावली में अक्सर हम NPA के बारे में सुनते हैं। NPA का पूरा रूप क्या है?
A.Not Profitable Assets
B.Net Performing Assets
C.Non Performing Assets
D.New Potential Accounts
Ans: Non Performing Assets
Q12. कम्प्यूटर में RAM का तात्पर्य है
A.Ready To Access Memory
B.Random Access Memory
C.Read At Time
D.Readily And Label
Ans: Random Access Memory
Q13. CAD का पूर्ण रूप क्या है ?
A.Computer Automatic Design
B.Computer Added Decode
C.Computer Automatic Decode
D.Computer Added Design
Ans: Computer Added Design
Q14. बैंकिंग के क्षेत्र में CBS में C का पूर्ण रूप क्या है ?
A.कोर (Core)
B.क्रेडिट (Credit)
C.कम्पलीट (Complete)
D.कॉन्टिनेंट (Continent)
Ans: कोर (Core)
Q15. NSG का पूरा रूप क्या ?
A.National Security Guards
B.National Saving Guarantee
C.New Sample Guarantee
D.इनमें से कोई नहीं
Ans: National Security Guards

Q16. संक्षिप्त शब्द SEBI का अक्षर विन्यास होगा
A.South East Bank Association
B.Securities and Earning Board of India
C.Securities and Exchange Board of India
D.इनमें से कोई नहीं
Ans: Securities and Exchange Board of India
Q17. संक्षिप्त शब्द SIMI से तात्पर्य है
A.Self Imposed Muslims Movement in India
B.South Indian Muslims of India
C.Student Indian Muslim Icon
D.Students Islamic Movement of India
Ans: Students Islamic Movement of India
Q18. संक्षिप्त शब्द LTTE का अक्षर विन्यास है
A.Liberation of Tamil Telugu Employee
B.Liberation, Tigers of Tamil Elem
C.Liberty, Truth, Tolerance Emencipation
D.Liberation, Tamil, Tigers state
Ans: Liberation, Tigers of Tamil Elem
Q19. संक्षिप्त शब्द RDX से तात्पर्य है
A.Radiation Detection Through X-ray
B.Research Development Explosive
C.Rotatory Device Explosive
D.इनमें से कोई नहीं
Ans: Research Development Explosive
Q20. LASER का अक्षर विन्यास होगा
A.Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation
B.Lattin Association For Space Energy Research
C.Light Amplification by Saturated Energy through Radiation
D.Lawyers Association For South East Region
Ans: Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation

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