SSC CGL Questions Asked 6th June 2019

SSC CGL Questions Asked 6th June 2019

SSC CGL Questions Asked 6th June 2019

Dear Aspirants,
SSC CGL 2018 Tier-I exam has commenced form 4th June 2019. Super Pathshala is sharing the SSC CGL questions asked in all shift of 6th June 2019. These questions will give a fair idea about their performance in the exam and it is also useful to next date exam. Student will get the clear idea about the type of questions and difficulty level of each sections. We have collected questions from shift-I, Shift-II, Shift-III and Shift-IV from all the sections.

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SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness

NOTE: The below questions asked in general awareness were provided by the aspirants who attempted the exam and it was interpreted by them. Some questions may be repeated in the below list or the question may be framed in any other way than given below.

GK Questions asked in SHIFT-I

  1. Where is Bandipur national park situated? Karnataka
  2. The 22 March is observed as?  Water day 
  3. What was the theme of International forest day 2019? Forests and Education
  4. Who was the slave of Md. Gauri whom the entrusted to rule Indian territory? Qutubuddin Aibak (Founder of Slave Dynasty)
  5. Who was the Chairman of ISRO at the time of Mars Mission? G. Madhavan Nair
  6. India won how many Gold medals in the Makran Cup in Chabahar, Iran.? One
  7. Who won Gold medals in the Makran Cup in Chabahar, Iran for India? Deepak Singh ((Indian boxer)
  8. First Muslim dynasty to rule up to south India?  Mughal Dynasty 
  9. Who won Nobel peace prize for India after Mother Teresa? Kailash Satyarthi
  10. Which pass between Sikkim and China recently opened for trade? Nathu La
  11. Which book of Rana das Gupta won Rabindranath Tagore award? Solo

GK Questions asked in SHIFT-II

  1. Which of the following is a beautiful tourist pass in Himachal Pradesh - Rohtang pass
  2. Which pass connects India with Tibet? -  Nathula Pass
  3. Who is the first lokpal of India? - Pinaki Chandra Ghose
  4. Which pass divides Jammu and kashmir?
  5. Who is the director of BARC? - Ajit Kumar Mohanty
  6. Where has Poush Mela been celebrated recently? - Santiniketan Bolpur, West Bengal
  7. Which article enables a citizen to take constitutional remedy? - Article 32
  8. Pramod Sawant is Chief Minister of which state? - Goa
  9. Who was the founder of Sayyid dynasty? - Sayyid Khizr Khan
  10. Which article of the constitution gives the right to get equal opportunity of justice?
  11. 24th April-30th April was celebrated as which week? World Immunization week
  12. Majuli river island is in which state? - Assam
  13. Study of tissues, cells etc. with microscope? - Histology
  14. Who is head of Niti Aayog? - Amitabh Kant
  15. Study of fossils of plants, ferns etc is known as?
  16. Question related to Article 43.

GK Questions asked in SHIFT-III

  1. Happiness index India's rank - 140
  2. India's Passport Index ranking in the world - 67th
  3. Rickets is caused by the deficiency of? - vitamin D
  4. Who started Jan dhan yojana? - PM Narendra Modi
  5. Name of commission for changes in indian constitution
  6. bariatric surgery related to - weight loss
  7. Gandhi–Irwin Pact
  8. 1st chief justice of delhi high court? - KS Hegde
  9. Khujrao temple is situated in? - Chhatarpur district
  10. Question related to article
  11. Rajiya sultan related
  12. 1st female high court judge - Leila Seth
  13. Sustained rise in the general price level from economics
  14. Banking regulatory act
  15. Who became mughal emperor at the time of 1556? - Akbar
  16. Which of the following is the Higest raliway station?
  17. Question related to photosynthesis

GK Questions mixed from all Shift

  1. How many Gold Medals won by India In Iran tournament?
  2. Who is the PM of Burkina Faso’s?
  3. Who wrote the novel “solo”?
  4. Which of the following is the Most ductlile metal? [Options were gold, diamond, copper, zinc]
  5. Which metal is submerged in the process of galvanization?
  6. Place where bees are kept?
  7. Jallianwala bagh novel khooni bashaki who written in english?
  8. Slave of Mohammad Ghori who started the first dynasty of Delhi sultanate?
  9. Indian who won the Nobel prize after mother Teresa?
  10. What is the pH value of milk?
  11. ISRO chairman at the time of launch of Mars Orbiter?
  12. Which law ensure to move anywhere in India without restriction?
  13. Which dynasty was first to rule in india.? delhi sultaniate
  14. Who is the CM of Maharashtra?
  15. What is the scientific name of Banyan Tree?
  16. Which Person attended 3 round table conference?
  17. White phosphorus is?
  18. Homeostasis is ?
  19. What is the National game of China?
  20. President rule comes under which article?
  21. Which river flows in thar desert?
  22. Battle of Buxar was held between?
  23. Which of the following is the Tribe of West Bengal?
  24. Which is the Highest point in Andaman?
  25. Bandipur wildlife sanctuary is situated in?
  26. One question on Ottam Thulal Folk dance?
  27. One question on Book: A prisoner’s scrap book
  28. When was Battle of Plassey held?
  29. Who won Abel Prize 2019?
  30. Earth Day is celebrated in which year?
  31. What is mentioned in Article 61 of indian constitution?
  32. Dhaman folk dance belongs to which state?
  33. Mid Day Meal scheme was launched in which year?
  34. Who build Grant Trunk Road?
  35. Who is the brand ambassador of red bus?
  36. Who extended empire almost in the south?
  37. Under which act has lok Adalat come into the force ?
  38. Who invented electromagnetic theory?
  39. No one should left behind was slogan of which day?
  40. Current affairs were asked from March 2019 in 2nd shift.
  41. Who is the director of BARC?
  42. Who is head of Niti Ayog?
  43. 24th April-30th April was celebrated as which week?
  44. One question related to Article 43.
  45. Who was the Founder of Syed dynasty?
  46. Which pass divides J&K?
  47. Which article enables a citizen to take constitutional remedy?
  48. Manjuli island in which state?
  49. Who is the first lok pal of India
  50. Who won a gold medal in boxing in Makran cup championship
  51. First Muslim ruler who conquered almost all the India covering north to south
  52. Ravindranath Tagore literature prize of 2019?
  53. In Gallvanisation which layer formed on iron
  54. 1st chief justice of Delhi high court?
  55. Who started Jan dhan yojna?
  56. Which of the following is the Highest railway station?
  57. In Himachal Pradesh which pass is a popular tourist place ….like Rohtang pass, etc.
  58. A sustained rise in the general price level from economics
  59. Banking regulatory act
  60. Rajiya sultan related
  61. Name of commission for changes in Indian Constitution?
  62. Khajuraho temple is situated in?
  63. Rickets is caused by the deficiency of?

SSC CGL Exam Questions : English Language

  1. Antonym- Gall & Fritter away
  2. Synonyms- Embark on & Niggle
  3. There were 2 jumble word question in the english part
  4. There was an idiom – to put yourself together
  5. Idioms- Couch Potato & Leading with nose
  6. Antonym of “Limit”
  7. Antonym of “Reprimand”
  8. Synonym of “Dubious”
  9. Synonym of “Finite”
  10. Correct spelt words: Meagre
  11. Antonym of “Comic” & “Disperse”
  12. Synonym of “Egulf”
  13. Idiom- Out of wood & Butterflies in the stomach
  14. One word substitution- Arbitrator

SSC CGL Exam Questions : Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Vassel a contain 240 lit of milk and water in the ratio 5:x.48 lit MIXTURE taken out from vassel and mixed with 12 lit of another vassel b and milk to be found 2:1..find intial milk?
  2. A can fill tank in 1 hours b can fill in 2 hours and c can empty in 1.20 hours then for first 2 hours a +c and then b+c total time how much
  3. From a cylinder of base radius 3 cm and 10 cm,two connes of height 4 cm and having same base radius as that of cylinder are cut off from two end of cylinder.find total surface area of reaming part??
  4. Math lengthy trapezium rhombus property based.
  5. Principal 15000 r 16% find the difference between 2year and 3year of CI
  6. After completion 50% of work A alone,B joins him and the work was completed 4 days earlier.If B alone can do50% in 15 days,find (A+B) together time
  7. A+b+c can do work 15 days,they start together.when 1/3 work is done a leave now the work will complete 4 days more.when 2/3 work done b leave now the work completed 2 days more. C alone can do??
  8. A person sale 2 product in Rs.624 at a lose of 1% in first and 14% profit on second. And SP is same the find CP?
  9. If P = 10000 ₹ R= 14% T= 2(4/9)yr then the value of CI =?
  10. 10000, 14%, 2 5/7 year
  11. x+y=12, xy= 27, x3 – y3=?
  12. Sin£=4cos£ to sin£cos£=?
  13. If the ratio of A:B present age is 8:9 then their ratio after 9 year is 21: 19. And C is 3 year younger than B, then find the age of C?
  14. Di based on car production of 5 companies
  15. If (a+b+c)= 2, a^2+b^2+c^2= 26, then find a^3+b^3+c^3=?

SSC CGL Exam Questions : General Intelligence & Reasoning

  1. Reasoning 10:101::11:??? [120, 121, 130, 100]
  2. Computer is coded as ocrepmtu then find daughter
  3. Cab is 6 bed is 40 then find had
  4. वह छोटी से छोटी संख्या क्या होगी जिसमें 7,9,11 का भाग देने पर क्रमशः शेषफल 1, 2 व 3 आयेगा।
  5. Series: 2,3,6,10,17,28,?
  6. Vein diagram of snakes ,reptiles , poisonous
  7. Syllogism of 1- all birds are animals 2- no crow is birdConclusion -1. Some animals are crow
    2. No animals are crow
    3. Some animals are birds

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