SSC CGL Questions Asked 12th June 2019

SSC CGL Questions Asked 12th June 2019

SSC CGL Questions Asked 12th June 2019

Dear Aspirants,
SSC CGL 2018 Tier-I exam has commenced form 4th June 2019. Super Pathshala is sharing the SSC CGL questions asked in all shift of 12th June 2019. These questions will give a fair idea about their performance in the exam and it is also useful to next date exam. Student will get the clear idea about the type of questions and difficulty level of each sections. We have collected questions from shift-I, Shift-II, Shift-III and Shift-IV from all the sections.

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SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness

NOTE: The below questions asked in general awareness were provided by the aspirants who attempted the exam and it was interpreted by them. Some questions may be repeated in the below list or the question may be framed in any other way than given below.

GK Questions asked in SHIFT-I

  1. Which of the following solution can turn blue litmus to red? - acid
  2. One question on festival of Nepal - Dashain
  3. Which of the following was the last battle of Maratha? - Third Anglo-Maratha War (1817–1818)
  4. India rank on global happiness index 2019? - 140
  5. world happiness day is celebrated on which day? - 20th March
  6. What is the main chemical in laundry detergent?
  7. Which is the highest peak in Maharashtra? - Kalsubai
  8. During the Second World War, The Battle of Kohima and Nagaland was fought in which year?  - 1944
  9. Who was the last king of the Vaghela dynasty of Gujarat? - Karna-deva
  10. Which is the longest coastline?
  11. Under which article governor is appointed? - Article 155
  12. Who hit six sixes in an over first? - Ravi Shastri

GK Questions asked in SHIFT-II

  1. What is the national bird of China?
  2. What is the name of the instrument used to measure blood pressure? - sphygmomanometer
  3. When did IPL start in India? 2008
  4. Which country has the most neighbors touching its borders? - China
  5. When did Burma (Myanmar) gain its independence? - 4 January 1948
  6. Which article nominates members of Lok Sabha?
  7. Miss universe 2018 Catriona Gray is from which country? - Philippines
  8. The joint sitting of the Parliament is presided over by whom? - Speaker of Lok Sabha
  9. How many international airports are there in India?
  10. When did UGC established? - 28 December 1953
  11. What is the chemical name for cyanide?

GK Questions asked in SHIFT-III

  1. Which is the national game of Sri Lanka? - Volleyball
  2. Sultan Azlan Shah Cup was held in? - Ipoh, Malaysia
  3. Which organ is called chemical factory of human body? - Liver
  4. How many provinces are there in Sri Lanka? - 9
  5. Formation of a new state in India is done by Article - 
  6. Hemoglobin and myoglobin formation?
  7. British defeated Portuguese in which battle? - Battle of Swally
  8. Who won IPL 2018? - Chennai Super Kings
  9. Who is the author of the book 'Two Lives'? - Vikram Seth
  10. The Treaty of Mangalore was signed between Tipu Sultan and the British on which year? - 1784
  11. Which one is the longest river in Pakistan? - Indus River

GK Questions mixed from all Shift

  1. During the Second World War, The Battle of Kohima and Nagaland was fought in which year?
  2. What does Detergent Contain?
  3. In Happiness Index India’s rank?
  4. Question-based on Dolphin?
  5. Question-based on Litmus Paper?
  6. There shall be a Governor for each state, is given in which article?
  7. After the death of which King of Gujarat’s Baghel Dynasty, Allauddin Khilji Started ruling?
  8. Which lens is used in hypermetropia
  9. In a plant, food is transferred by
  10. Who presides over the joint sitting of parliament?
  11. Burma was liberated which year?
  12. Carolina 2018 miss universe from which country?
  13. The highest number of border share by any country?
  14. IPL started in which year?
  15. How many international airports in India?
  16. National animal of China
  17. Blood pressure is measured by?
  18. A prefix used for constant things– the answer is ISO
  19. By which article members of Loksabha are nominated?
  20. When was the ISI started?
  21. One question related to Hiroshima Nagasaki war

SSC CGL Exam Questions : English Language

  1. Idiom – Out of the woods?
  2. Spell Correction – Proportion & Accelerate
  3. Synonym – Devout

SSC CGL Exam Questions : General Intelligence & Reasoning

  1. Odd one out 24, 15, 35, 50
  2. Economics: Social science:: Chemistry:??

SSC CGL Exam Questions : Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Two articles are sold on the same price, one at 18% profit other at 18 % loss, find the overall gain or loss %?
  2. two similar triangles ABC & PQR having area 4 & 9 cm respectively. In triangle PQR, PR = 16, PO= 12, OR = 10. then find the side BC
  3. divisibility by 72
  4. 7.8+5.6/4.5 Χ 2-8 Χ 4/3.2
  5. 3SinA = 4CosA then find (tanA)² + SinA – CosA

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