SSC CGL Questions Asked 11th June 2019

SSC CGL Questions Asked 11th June 2019

SSC CGL Questions Asked 11th June 2019

Dear Aspirants,
SSC CGL 2018 Tier-I exam has commenced form 4th June 2019. Super Pathshala is sharing the SSC CGL questions asked in all shift of 11th June 2019. These questions will give a fair idea about their performance in the exam and it is also useful to next date exam. Student will get the clear idea about the type of questions and difficulty level of each sections. We have collected questions from shift-I, Shift-II, Shift-III and Shift-IV from all the sections.

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SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness

NOTE: The below questions asked in general awareness were provided by the aspirants who attempted the exam and it was interpreted by them. Some questions may be repeated in the below list or the question may be framed in any other way than given below.

GK Questions asked in SHIFT-I

  1. Who received the 2018 Jnanpith Award? - Amitav Ghosh
  2. Who is the newly appointed CEO of ICC? - Manu Sawhney
  3. who is the author of book history of sikh? - Khushwant Singh
  4. Which is the national bird of Bhutan? - Raven
  5. Which day is celebrated on 24 January?
  6. which is the smallest bird of world? Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae)
  7. Which article is related to the election of the president? - 54
  8. Who was the person who invented penicillin? - Alexander Fleming
  9. What is the smallest animal on earth? - Bumblebee bat
  10. Vijay Hazare trophy related to which game? - Cricket
  11. What is the nearest star to the sun called? - Proxima Centauri

GK Questions asked in SHIFT-II

  1. Which Prime Minister of Bangladesh has maximum tenure? - Sheikh Hasina
  2. Who was the first president of China? - Sun Yat-sen
  3. Which is the second highest waterfall in the world? - Tres Hermanas Falls
  4. Where did Vasco da Gama first arrive in India? - Kappadu near Calicut, Kerala
  5. World Cup winner in women's boxing January 2019?
  6. Who was the first CM of Kerala? Elamkulam Manakkal Sankaran Namboodiripad 
  7. Who invented the vaccine for smallpox? Edward Jenner
  8. Pranam yojana is related to which State? Assam
  9. What is the chemical name for baking soda? - Sodium bicarbonate

GK Questions asked in SHIFT-III

  1. Friendship highway connecting china to which country? - Nepal
  2. Which is the highest lake in Pakistan? - Rush Lake
  3. Tripura was ruled by Which dynasty? - Manikya dynasty 
  4. When did Minister Harsh Vardhan Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) launched? 8th March 2019
  5. When was the First amendment of the Constitution of India? - 1951
  6. when did Portugal conquest Goa? - 25 November 1510
  7. When the Constitution of Pakistan came into force? - 23 March 1956
  8. Who was the king in north Orissa?
  9. Who is the author of “The English Teacher”? - R. K. Narayan
  10. World water day - 22 March
  11. Night blindness is caused because of the deficiency of which vitamin? - vitamin A

GK Questions mixed from all Shift

  1. National bird of Bhutan
  2. World smallest animal.
  3. Which article is related with president impeachment?
  4. ICC’s newly appointed CEO name?
  5. Who was the winner of Gyaanpeeth puruskaar 2018?
  6. Which is the Closest star to the sun?
  7. In India,24 January is celebrated as?
  8. One question on 2nd highest civilian honour award padma vibhusan?
  9. When would summer solstice in 2019
  10. East India company started work in north east India from which year?
  11. Jorve culture site in which state?
  12. Sipahi vidroh held in which city?
  13. Cherry picking related to which game?
  14. gram panchayat member period?
  15. history of shikhs book.
  16. Who was the Governor of Bangladesh Liberation war?
  17. One question from Stone Age.
  18. First CM of Kerala
  19. Vein Diagram – Crockery, Cup, Table
  20. When did Vasco Da Gama come to India?
  21. Through which Act Manipur, Nagaland, and Mizoram became part of states?
  22. Which is the 3rd Highest waterfall in the world?
  23. India Myanmar and China line?
  24. Author of “India my dreams”?
  25. Who is the female winner of Boxing World Cup in January 2019?
  26. Who has given the pressure definition as Force/Area?
  27. Unit of Sound?
  28. Which P.M. served Bangladesh for maximum tenure?
  29. Impeachment of President comes under which article?
  30. The first president of China Republic?
  31. Which Archer got the first gold medal in 2018 Asia cup.
  32. No1 woman boxer of 2019?
  33. Question-related to Kandyan folk dance.
  34. 1st state to implement a 10% EWS reservation?
  35. The chemical name of Baking Soda.
  36. Kazi Nazrul Islam is a national poet of which country?
  37. 2019 AIBA championship?
  38. Badminton 2016/2018 Indian champion?
  39. Vasco De Gama entered India from?
  40. 3rd highest water fall in the world
  41. January 2019 boxing World Cup female winner
  42. Maximum tenure of which pm of Bangladesh
  43. When was Pakistan Constitution inact held?
  44. Fertilization takes place in which part of flower?
  45. World water day celebrated on?
  46. Friendly line shared by China with which country?
  47. Cash reserve ratio is?
  48. When was Battle of Goa Faught?
  49. Night blindness caused by the deficiency by which vitamin?
  50. Who is the author of “The English Teacher”?
  51. One question on periodic table.

SSC CGL Exam Questions : English Language

  1. Synonyms- Defer, arrogance,
  2. Synonyms- Preplex, plentiful
  3. Idioms & phrases – Through think & thin
  4. Idioms & phrases- a sword of Damocles
  5. One word substitution- A person who loves to collect, read and admire books- Bibliophile
  6. One word substitution- pseudonyms
  7. Spelling Correction– privilege
  8. Synonym of Mammoth
  9. One Word – Place where Weapons are kept.
  10. Synonym of Taciturn
  11. Spelling Check – Exhibition and Desperate
  12. Antonym- Vigilant
  13. Synonym- Exault
  14. One word substitution- One who recalls past time
  15. Topic Of Cloze Test- Bhopal Tragedy
  16. Idioms & phrases- To put a card before a horse
  17. Idioms & phrases- Speak volumes

SSC CGL Exam Questions : General Intelligence & Reasoning

  1. Venn Diagram- Wheat, mustard ,cabbage
  2. Series- 57, 62, 31, 36, 18, ___
  3. Blood Relation- Parnav & priyank are brother and Sonia Saksham’s sister. If Sonia is Priyank’s mother then how Parnav is related to Sonia?
  4. AU=21 Egg=245 then BAKE=?
  5. At a party there are half girls as boys . After one hour 5 boys left and 3 girl join so how many member are there before one hour .
  6. 2,7,17,32,52?
  7. Odd one out on….planets
  8. Insulin : Hormone :: Pepsin : ???

SSC CGL Exam Questions : Quantitative Aptitude

  1. If height of frustum is 21cm, & diameters are 3 cm & 2 cm. Then find its volume?
  2. If the difference between SI & CI for 2 years at a rate of 8.5% is Rs.28.9. Find the amount?
  3. One question on divisibility with 12.
  4. Two successive discounts of 10% & 15% are given. If SP is given, find the marked price?
  5. AB & CD are two chords intersect each other at P outside the circle, AB= 6cm, PB= x cm, CD= 3 cm, PD= 5 cm. Find the value of x?
  6. In a triangle ABC, AD is a medium and P is a point on it. If AP: PD= 3:4 Then find the ratio of triangle APB to triangle ABC?
  7. A circle is given with diameter AB, CD is a chord and it makes a trapezium ABCD. Angle BAC= 25 then find the angle CAD?
  8. A+B+C=8 is given, AB+BC+CA is given, find the value of A³+B³+C³-3ABC=?
  9. A+B=5, If AB=3, find the A³+B³ =?
  10. cotA= 4/3, then find sinA+cosA-tanA=?
  11. root x + 1/ root x = 6, then find the value of x^2 + 1/x^2=?
  12. A:B= 5:4, then (8A + 3B) / (8A-3B)
  13. DI- 3 subject & 5 college
  14. Sin(A) = cos (50 + A), Find
  15. 4 Questions from Geometry
  16. One question from Frustum
  17. If √x+1/√x, Find X2+1/x2.
  18. If A+B=6, AB=16/3 then the value of A³+B³ =?
  19. A+B+C=4, AB+BC+CA is given, then A³+B³+C³-3ABC =?
  20. Cosec(A)= 13/12, then Sin(A) + Cos(A) – Tan(A)=?
  21. 42x573y is divisible by 72, find x+y.
  22. A circle is given with diameter AB, CD is a chord and it makes a trapezium ABCD. Angle CBA = 18 then find the angle CAD.
  23. If the price is increased by 17%, What must be the percentage decrease in consumption so as to increase the expenditure by 8%?
  24. One question based on BODMAS.
  25. SP is given, 2 successive discount are 20% & 16%. What is the Marked price?
  26. The average speed of a train without stoppage is 72kmph and with stoppage is 60kmph.
  27. Then find stoppage time of the train in 1 hour.
  28. Triangle ABC is similar to Triangle PRQ. Dimensions of PR, RQ and PQ are given. The ratio of area of ABC and PRQ – 1: 4. Find AB.
  29. If a person sells two commodities at Rs.5108 and offers a discount of 20% on first and 16% on second. Find the marked price.
  30. CI – DI = Rs.45 and interest rate is 7.5% and time is 2 years. Find amount.

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